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Crystal Clear Anti-Ageing Lift &Tone Treatment

Face ,Eyes & Neck 

Advanced Clear Lift and Tone Treatment (New)

Using combination of low level ​electrical micro currents cur​rents and electro micro stimulation, lift and tone is the ultimate non-surgical treatment for ageing skin! Benefits are many and include a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; tighter, firmer, lifted skin; enhanced circulation; and improved lymphatic drainage, with no downtime.

  It is recommended that 3-10 treatments are needed to achieve the optimal tightening and rejuvenation of face and neck. After a maximum of 10 treatments, the client must have a break and then maintenance treatments may be taken every 3-6 months. Your therapist will advise you on the necessary number of treatments to achieve the results required as individuals have differing skin tones, elasticity problem areas and so require varying treatment combinations.


Plumps and firms skin

Lifts and tightens skin on face and neck

Improves the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles

Improves crepey skin

Effective on dark scars and large pores

Treats and prevents signs of ageing


No recovery time