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Double Chin Reduction

Double Chin Reduction £150 Per Session


A double chin is a common concern among many adults. Excess fat, sagging skin or fullness underneath the chin can create an unbalanced appearance. Individuals may feel like their submental fat makes them appear older, heavier and less attractive than they would like.


The causes of a double chin vary widely. It can be caused by excess weight, genetics, age, lack of laxity in the skin or a combination of these issues. Regardless of the cause, it leaves patients feeling self-conscious about their appearance.

Where the body stores fat is oftentimes genetic. For some individuals, fat is stored in the submental area regardless of diet and exercise. Appearing heavier and less healthy is a discomforting aspect of having a double chin.

Another factor is age. Unwanted fat becomes harder to get rid of as we get older and when you combine this fact with the effect of diminishing collagen in the skin, an unwanted double chin becomes a concern.

Ultimately, having excess fullness underneath the jawline can limit clothing choices and seriously affect self-esteem. It is a common concern for both men and women. Thankfully, the Sarah M and Laser & Skin Clinic offers several ways to successfully address this concern you will not only get rid of unwanted chin fat, but it will also tighten lax skin. This means that you can finally say “goodbye” to that stubborn double chin, without surgery or downtime*!