Fat loss/Fat Reduction Treatments 

It can be very complicated to understand what and which treatment or procedure is right for you when considering fat reduction and skin tightening

Many procedures sound more or less the same same, so how do you choose one over the other?

Our specialist will be able to advise you which fat reduction treatment or  procedure is suitable for you

If you choose to go ahead and book a consultation with us, we may require your BMI in advance for safety reasons.

The consultation is an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with your body and the results you want to achieve.

Your consultant will examine your body and develop a treatment plan to achieve your goals. We offers and plan individual treatments for Body Sculpting , Cellulite , Body Tightening etc. The specialists will  give you an honest and impartial professional opinion.

‘At our clinic we don’t  pressurise clients or try to sell procedures. It's always about giving an honest opinion and honest advice.’

Contraindications for All Fat Loss Treatments 

You will unfortunately NOT be able to have the ​treatment if any of the below apply:

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  • Cryoglobulinemia

  • Paroxysmal Cold Haemoglobinuria
  • Cold Urticarial
  • Severe Diabetes
  • Liver Problems
  • Areas of Impaired Peripheral Circulation

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  • Raynaud’s Disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Scar Tissue or Extensive Skin Conditions Such As Eczema or Dermatitis at the Area of Intended Treatment

  • Impaired Skin Sensation
  • Open or Infected Wounds
  • Areas of Recent Bleeding or Haemorrhage