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Oxygen Facial Treatment

Price £100 Per Session


Our action-packed serum bubbling with cell-energising extracts is plumped into the skin using high pressure oxygen in a closed-circuit environment; this unique action plumps the skin from the inside out and regenerates lacklustre complexions. Crystal Clear Oxygen therapy offers an immediate anti-fatigue effect whilst effectively addressing a whole host of common skin concerns.


We all know that no miracle cream can give us glowing skin overnight and that layers of makeup are not going to cut it when it comes to achieving that beautifully fresh, ‘just walked in the park’ kind of glow. Crystal Clear’s ground-breaking treatment is just the ticket when your skin needs a quick shot of Oxygen, the elixir of life. Oxygen – a breath of fresh air for congested complexions. Ideal for city dwellers, this rejuvenating treatment ‘feeds’ cells starved of precious oxygen, creating reservoirs of hydration that restore radiance and counteract fatigue.

Spraying a highly-concentrated stream of oxygen molecules to the skin’s epidermis can make it glow – a lot. The oxygen facial takes up to an hour, nourishes skin, and promotes collagen growth. Spraying all that high-pressure oxygen on to your skin will boost its own amounts of o2, improving its circulation and its ability to regenerate. That translates as brighter, younger-looking skin. Regular treatments can even treat acne and rosacea over time